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whether fema or the flood experts take pictures, if you are on gas lines tweet us we want to hear your story in your community. >> good advice. here we go. fox news alert. good sunday morning. we are 48-hours away from the point where millions of americans go to the polls. deciding who will be our next president first the candidates have a lot of work to do for that matter so do we? welcome to a done day edition of america's newsroom. two-days. i am pill hemmbill hemmer. >> i am marsha mccallum. good to see all of you out there, too. we are going to check in with both of the campaigns. as you might image there are two live events this morning from governor romney and president obama we will take you to. they are literally crisscrossing all of the hot spots they need to hit today to turn out whoever might be undecided out there still: trying to reach the
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voters in crucial states. >> this shows you why every single vote matters. look at these numbers here. one-tenth of one percent separate the two men in the real clear politics average. that's when you put all of the polls together. here is a small taste of what voters were hearing late last night. >> the only thing that stands between us some of the best years we have ever known is lack of leadership. that's why we have leblgss. you saw the differences between president obama and myself we were side by side in our debates. he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he is offering excuses. i have a plan. >> answer questions about the details of your policies until after the election? not changing.
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ruling out out compromise the tea party agenda in congress that's not change, that's exactly what we need to change. >> right now chief political correspondent karl cameron leads our coverage. you are not in new hampshire, you are in des moines, iowa. what's happening, carl? >> we started at the air force base in ports smout, new shaf hampshire. it shows how important new hampshire and iowa are as key election swing states. in ohio in the last week or two suggested maybe mr. obama has a slight lead but it's in the margin of error. 2 and a half point advantage for him. in all of the polls the average are within their margins of error. nationally a tenth of a p point separating the two campaigns. mr. romney is drawing ever
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meager crowds. he filled an amphitheater with a capacity of 18,000. there are a number of several,000 outside where he delivered a very, very emotional version of his final closing arguments speech. there was a poignant moment where mitt romney and his wife embraced in front of the massive crowd and nodded and expressed their appreciation and humility how humbled they were by what's happening here. then came the politics. very tough in the closing days a stark and big contrast between what is status quo mr. obama would bring if he was reelect the. >> when i am elected the economy and jobs will be stagnant but i won't waste any time complaining about my predecessor. and i won't spend my time trying to pass partisan legislation unrelated to jobs.
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from day one i am going to go to work to help americans get back to work. >> once again to give you an idea of how close it is the real clear politics has mr. obama up by six tenths of a point. it is impossible for anybody to really know what's going to happen. later today we go to cleveland, ohio the key battle ground state where mosth polls are tied but a slight advantage perhaps for mr. obama there and mitt romney will go to morrisville, pennsylvania. pennsylvania is a state he has not visitd in months. some fairly safely in the column. it is a sign of momentum their ability to expand the battlefield in places they weren't expected to be that competitive and go to the finish line with big momentum. the obama campaign argues this is a romney hail mary.
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they are trying to hedge bets against possible losses and other key battle ground states. lots of spinning on both sides. each campaign trying to create a band wagon effect by putting their best picture forward. >> we were together on friday night west chester ohio southwestern corner of the state. campaign said they had 30,000 plus in the field next to the high school there. what you noted at the time was the changing tone in the words in the final 48, 72-hours from governor romney's pitch. explain that to the audience how he is trying to cloels that deal with the statement coming a little different now. >> mitt romney is embracing a degree of sort of lofty rhetoric optimism for the future designed to give voters an affirmative reason to vote for him not just against barack obama.
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there's a lot more bipartisanship a lot more court ship in his rhetoric of women. promises of tour challenges to be faced with bipartisanship all part of the independent votes to decide this when the polls begin to close 7:00 eastern time on tuesday night. >> you have a couple of long days ahead of you. talk to you a bit lart this morning. karl cameron des moines, iowa. >> fascinating how this is shaping up with 48-hours to go. let's go to new hampshire now. that is where president obama is due to speak. henry has been on the road through out this poll journey toward what he hopes to be reelection. esz live in concorde. >> obama was elected as the 44th president. you heard about the auto bailout the bank bailout this will be bill clinton bailout. he will have the former
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president with him in concorde. he has done more than 2 dozen events for president obama. they thought they locked it out a long time ago they are nervous about that one. last night in virginia you had over 20,000 people in the freezing cold there to see president owe bam maup and former president clinton who said this about mitt romney. >> when i was a kid and i got my hand caught in # cothe cookie j. my face sort of turned red and i took my handout of the cookie jar. now governor romney, he is digging for more cookies. >> bill clinton beating up on mitt romney over some of his controversial ads the obama camp says are false. the whole cookie jar dangerous
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territory who was impeached of course. we are now told the former president will be in pennsylvania on monday in the final hours not just one event but four events across the state philadelphia, scranton. the late charge by the romney campaign in pennsylvania is the hail mary but to send bill clinton there at the last minute tells you they are anxious. >> linked arms with president obama trying to some might say cherry him across the finish line in some ways in some of these places. we know we started to see a strong moment for president obama right after the democratic convention a lot of people attributed that to bill clinton assuring voters nobody couldn't have done this nobody could have turned this economy down in four years. you wonder what it means that they are so closely linked in the final hours.
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>> especially since there was so much bad blood back in 2000. obama primaries that were very nasty. this current president, president obama said after that democratic convention speech i said name him the secretary of explaining stuff. some critics saying maybe bill clinton explained obama -- bert than president obama. they think in the obama camp all of that tension is over they are going to use bill clinton as much as they can to get across the finish line. >> very interesting. thank you so much. checking back with you in concorde, new hampshire. >> fox's alert now growing frustration over the federal recovery response to hurricane sandy. now thousands in some of the hardest hit areas like staten island new york telling fox news they feel forgotten. my children and i and my mother are suffering. we are struggling to find a place to even be to all be together and to have clothes and to have all of the food and all of the stuff given to us, it
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means a lot to us. it means a lot to our community. there are so many people on our blocks down the block from us, too, are devastated. don't know what to make of it. it is horrendous. >> what are you going to do, mom? >> i don't know. >> so sorry. >> that story and that scene plays out all over this region. especially in the state of new jersey. folks it's cold in the northeast. heather childers is live in jersey city. what's the latest from over there today. good morning. what are you hearing? >> good morning. i have to tell you things look a little bit better here in jersey city. only about 10,000 people still without power here in this area. 1.7 million across the state of lines like this. gas lines you were talking about this is a long one it stretches down the street as far as the eye can see turns the corner and
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snakes all of the way around the block. here's the good news in this, it's only about a 15-minute wait here. because the officers at this site are doing a great job distributing the traffic between three different gas stations at this site. people walk upith their gas cans to fill them. it's a short line. they can fill up as much as they need. one fellow we spoke with drove from an hour away he heard the lines were so short here. also something contributing to the short line it's measures that governor crist christie put into place in the state of new jersey that the odd even, an odd and even number system where even number license plates can fill up their cars on days like today odd numbers of course will be tomorrow. if you saw in that shot there, we saw a long line of utility trucks enter the area. hopefully more help on the way. bill? >> thank you. heather childers in jersey city. >> so many devastating pictures still coming in it. people are still in the midst of
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this in places like staten island and the rockaways. they still need a lot of help to be brought to them. we are going to speak live to new york congressman peter king his own long island district was devastated by the storm. i am glad we are going to get a chance to talk to him and find out how his people in the district are doing. we are going to talk to the red cross later today about where they are trying to help out as well. >> in the meantime 48-hours america. which candidate, which team has the edge today and the momentum as only rollins would know. >> early voting in the nation's biggest battle ground state. we are live in florida. >> my exclusive interview with house speaker john boehner who he says will win his home state of ohio and the business ahead no matter who is the next president. stay tuned for that. >> we can put revenue on the table. but we are not going to put revenue on the table unless we
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>> the voting 48-hours away. president obama talks momentarily. he is in new hampshire in a matter of moments. romney will be at an event in iowa. this map shows you where the presidential and vp nominees will be in the coming hours. one state all four have in common all four of them now will be in ohio. 18 electoral votes. the numerous high row file campaigns including the 84 reelection of ronald reagan and so nanny since then. it's an honor to lean on you right now for your knowledge and expertise. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> i am doing fine. thanks. first look at the challenge for mitt romney where he is going and more importantly what essay in t -- he is saying in the final two-days. >> obviously the states you have on the map are the battle ground states. whoever wins those states the
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majority of the states will win. the romney challenge is to make sure his get out the vote effort maximizes every republican independent is for them. the obama campaign has been doing this a long long time. the thing i am fascinated by is every single national poll from ras muse ento gallup to george washington university political battle ground poll the fox poll are dead even. usually the person liked the most highest favorable rating wins. that's dead even. independents are dead even. it is one of these whose mott el is right. more seniors vote than young people the romney team wins. the romney message is up beat. the obama message is kind of negative. don't let these bad guys come in office again. with regard to these polls they weren't all in lock step
7:19 am
rather in 2008. in an election like this even if it is this tight, ed, you are doing polling out there say you are off by one or two points. as a pollster you might say hey we came close to nailing it. but not this time. if the polls are off by a point or two it could be, i don't want to use the word land slide but it could be a dominating victory for one side or the other. >> this whole election is decided by less than a million votes. obviously in these 6 or 7 states none of them are for sure. they could tip either way which could make one side or the other winning a land slide or a big margin at this point in time. the president could not do as well as he did four years ago. smiens is when united half of them saying they don't want you any more you are in trouble. at the end of the day there is no impair cal data. >> you are saying romney wins? >> i think romney wins.
7:20 am
>> that is fascinating. i was in ohio second trip back there in a week. this is what republicans will tell you the strongest support for the president, african americans, hispanics young college students that was really the three areas where he excelled so well in 2008. they argue thatport is not there right now. they will argue also that the enthusiasm they are seeing among the supporters far surpasses what happened in 2008. it is giving them confidence but not necessarily putting them over the top in their judgment. >> in 2008 there was a bush fatigue. john mccain was not the greatest candidate in the world. dee sent man but not a great candidate. romney has run a brilliant campaign in the last three or four weeks. dead even race. knows where his votes are.
7:21 am
the president has qualitiered. at the end of the day two more days of this terrible storm aren't going to make him look so great as a leader. >> thank you. see you in the hallway. more to talk about ed rollins thank you from here in new york. >> after more than a year of campaigning and billions of dollars in spending the presidential race could boil down to who wins ohio. we are live in the buckeye state. >> one of america's most respected senators calling for a brand new way to investigate what happened in libya. that took the lyes -- lives of four americans including our u.s. ambassador. >> you cannot have a situation like this continue to fester with -- it's now turned into a senate race with another huge drop a couple hours ago. believe me, there are more. >> step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans,
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>> we are back and senator john mccain has been ratcheting up
7:26 am
the pressure on the obama campaign to give a full amount of what happened in the deadly attacks on the out post in benghazi. they are calling for a formation of the special senate committee to continue to crack down the investigation in that time line. they are trying to keep the pressure on the story. steve sen tcentani joins us liv. >> we want to gets to the bottom of what happened. he you cisited information thaty fox news. he spoke with judge janeane on fox news last night. >> you can't trust their findings. you can't trust the time line that was just put out by the cia. fox already reported in the last few hours that there are people on the ground in libya that will
7:27 am
directly refute their sequence of events. it is a cover up, judge. call it what it is, it is a coverup. >> the violence continues with the militia attack on headquarters in tripoli. here at home killings of four americans on september 11th still a very hot political issue with two-days left before the election. mccain says the president is trying to make it look like al qaeda is on the run when he says it's stronger than it was four years ago. the president's top campaign advis advise says there was no coverup and the president said he was doing all he could along the way. >> the president is 100 percent committed to the people he sends overseas personally to represent this country. he's the one that met the coffins when he cathey came hom. to suggest he would not take the necessary steps to protect them making a decision not to take the steps to protect them is
7:28 am
nonsense. >> joe biden was correct in saying they didn't know about earlier requests for tighter security in libya seems those requests go to the state department. martha? >> steve, thank you very much. >> is that an investigation? it is getting underway november 15th from the administration. so that is not going away. john mccain is making sure of that. >> we keep finding more and more questions almost every day we cover the story. >> we will ex policemamine what questions they need to be asked. they are coming up next hour on that. >> look forward to that. in the meantime we have fallout on the campaign trail after the president tells supporters voting is the best revenge. governor romney responded with this. >> yesterday president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. (booing) >> for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of
7:29 am
country. (cheers) >> what do yo about that? send me a tweet at martha maccallum. what was underlying in all of this in terms of the big message. >> we will get thouo that. i spent time traveling with john boehner. what he expects to happen now in his home state of ohio come tuesday? >> it is all about the economy. the american people vote with their wallet. the american people know that we can't continue to go down this. i think the economy burns our people up. a winter wonderland doesn't just happen.
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to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. >> final push to election day. suddenly the word revenge has become something of a hot topic on the campaign trail. it all started with a comment that president obama made to supporters about voting on tuesday. first listen to the president's original comment that got
7:34 am
started. then we will play you governor romney's response. >> at the time republican congress and a senate candidate by the name of mitt romney... (crowd booing) >> don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> you already heard this. yesterday president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. i asked the american people to vote fore lo of con -- love of country. >> things happening quickly on the campaign trail these days. got turned and put into romney's speech that evening. the reports are when he heard what the president said he wanted to respond to it right away. former deputy assistant to george w. bush and green is the former president of the women's media certainty and fox news
7:35 am
contribut contributor. good to talk to you on this sunday morning. let me start with you. what was your reaction to all of that? >> look, martha, it was an o off-the-cuff remark at a dotv rally. not the most presidential statement he could have made, but what really matters the voters pay attention the voters on tuesday the opening statement is polar opposite to his closing argument. they don't know who this man is. if they are voting for revenge or retaliation over some of the egregious things we have seen in this campaign go for it whether it is telling people to self support, whether it is telling workers auto workers that the jobs are going to be shipped overseas which is plate tant lives there are frustrations out there that is understandable.
7:36 am
mitt romney said who let the dogs out. >> i agree with you when we are on the campaign trail maybe a slip of the tongue. i guess the reason it has gotten so much attention is does it sort of focus us on whether it is a negative campaign or positive campaign and brad, mitt romney has been working very hard over the past couple of weeks to paint a big vision picture. that is something that folks -- many folks wanted him to do earlier in the game. but it does seem as if he has found that voice and settled on a vision and feels confident with it. >> absolutely. it is all about hope and optimism and a better future. american people are going to ask themselves two questions they are going to say am i bert off today than i was four years ago and is the country headed in the right direction. let me remind my democratic revenge, revenge is the word users lose. winners don't take revenge. losers take revenge. i think we are going to go back when president obama has lost to
7:37 am
that word and that rally. that is what set the tone for his loss. it should be about the future. in 2008 the close to his campaign is wrpretty much are romney is seting in the close of his campaign. hopefully and future and better than revenge and pessimism. >> in terms of the next four-year what is do you say with what he said? the charges he became small in terms of the way he is talking and mitt romney is looking at a bigger more visionary picture. what do you think he would do in the next four years? what's the vision? >> i think he has laid out his vision and that vision is exactly what he has been fighting for his entire political career. that is protect the middle class to make sure if you work hard, you are going to have a chair shot at -- fair shot at achieving the american dream. >> but has he done that.
7:38 am
>> people have the opportunity to climb the ladder and follow in the foot steps. >> answer your own question. do you think the middle class, have they been expanded and helped in the last four years. >> for sure. guess what? if we had gone into a depression, the middle class would have been decimated. they understand what the last four years has been about. to get us back on the right track. yes, it happened slower than most people would have liked but we are moving forward. no one wants to go back to the policies that are being written by the current romney advisors who got us into this place to begin with. so wasn't this serviconversatio about revenge. >> that is clearly what the obama campaign wants to convey it would have been a lot worse and people are better off. we can talk about it all day long folks know that in their gut. that is how they will vote when
7:39 am
they walk in there on tuesday based on their own personal individual he experiences. thank you very much to both of you. see you on the other side. >> thanks a lot. >> he is one of the most powerful men in the country. it comes from the key battle ground state in ohio. this weekend i traveled john boehner his drive through volunteers to get out the vote making phone calls and shaking hands. his brand new must by the way who decked out in the undeniable desire to beat the president on tuesday. this is how john boehner sums up the winner on tuesday in the state of ohio. >> who wins here? >> no question, mitt romney wins. i have been involved in the race here for a long time. been involved in the ground game in ohio for a long time. he illy involved with my friend
7:40 am
george w. bush was running for president and reelection in 2004. when you look at the polls in 2000 and 2004 you see what we see today, that the republican is down, dead even ring. i am going to tell you what, we are getting upset about the obama ground being the romney ground game is bigger and more sophisticated than anything i have seen. we have the enthusiasm on our side, polls don't decide elections, voters do. >> just to be clear you are guaranteeing a victory for mitt romney in ohio. >> no question in my mind we win ohio. >> much more of that tomorrow including john boehner's relationship with this man, mitt romney. a lot of people have not talked about. if romney is the president and boehner the house speaker what matters with the communication and contact they have now. revelations on that and also
7:41 am
boehner's push to make sure republicans keep the majority in the house. >> thank you so much. >> we go to mitt romney who is on the ground in des moines, iowa. tightly contested iowa. let's listen to governor romney. >> thank you to governor brant. thank you governor appreciate your help. and lieutenant governor reynolds, thank you for your help. senator grassly and tom lathum and shout out to the des moines register. thank you for your endorsement. and i have to admit, i always like listening to the oak ridge boys. i appreciate their generosity being here this morning. thank you so very much for your energetic welcome. that is really something. your voices are being heard all
7:42 am
over the nation this morning. and they are heard loud and clear in my heart as well. i want to thank you. thanks so much to you who have been doing all of the work out there for my campaign making calls from our victory centers, putting up a sign in your yard or in someone else's yard. convincing a co-worker to get behind paul ryan and me. now let's make sure that we get every one we know out to vote on tuesday. got to get that done. this is a huge turnout. what makes this rally and all of your work that much more inspiring is because you are doing it because you care about
7:43 am
america. paul and i have not promised you a bigger check from the government. we have a promise to take from some people to redistribute to you. we promises to rebuild the economy obtain the growth of government and restore the principles that made america the greatest nation in the history of the earth. this is a campaign about america and about the future we are going to leave our children. we thank you, we ask you to stay with it, all of the way, all of the way to our victory on tuesday night. now, it's possible that you may have some friends or maybe even family members who haven't made up their mind yet who to vote
7:44 am
for. so i would ask you to ask them to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and all of the ads and look to the records. talk is cheap. but a record is real and it's earned with real effort. change -- you can't measure change in speeches. you measure change in achievements. now four years ago -- (applause) -- four years ago the candidate obama promised to do an awful lot. he was going to do so much for us. he fell very short of that. he promised to be a post-partum s -- post partisan president. he attacked, blaming, he was going to create jobs. that was his focus. instead he focused on obama care which killed jobs.
7:45 am
he said he was going to cut the federal deficit in half, he doubled it. he said unemployment would be at 5.4 percent, we just learned on friday it's 7.9 percent. that is nine million jobs short of what he promised. employment is higher today than when barack obama took office. this is very different than what he promised. his record is very different than his word. he promised he would propose a plan that saved social security and medicare from insolvency. he didn't. instead he rated $716 billions from medicare to pay for obama care. he said he would lower health insurance premiums for the average family in america by 2,500 a year. have you seen that? as a matter of fact, they are up by 3,000 dollars a year. gasoline for the average family they are paying 2,000 a year more than when president obama was elected. the other thing i will mention. he said he was going to work
7:46 am
across the aisle on the most important issues. i was surprised to learn that he is not on the economy or on the budget or on jobs with either republican leader of the house or senate since july, he hasn't met with them. he has made the divide between our parties wider. let me tell you why it is he has fallen so short of what he promised? it is because he cared more about a liberal agenda than he did about repairing the economy. do you think obama care created jobs? his war on coal and oil and gas create jobs? did the regulations help banks make more loans? does raising taxes put people to work? how about his avalanche of new regulations, did they help small businesses? you see almost eervery measure took hurt the economy, it hurt
7:47 am
our fellow americans. you have 23 million americans struggle to go find a good job. one in 6 americans is poor today and the middle class, middle class is being squeezed with lower take home pay and higher prices for gasoline, for health insurance, for food, for clothi. i spoke yesterday with the wife of a 60-year-old man in the prime of his life let me tell you. yeah, exactly. now he has worked for 40 years as a welder. but he just got laid off. she asked me what i could do to help him and them. she made it very clear. he wasn't looking for a government check. he wants a job. the president thinks more government is the answer. no. more good jobs, that's the
7:48 am
answer. the question of this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like the last four years or do you want moreal change? president obama promised change but he couldn't deliver it. i not only promised change but i have a record of achieving it. i built the business. i turned around another business. i help put the olympics on track. with a democratic legislature i helped turn my state from deficit to surplus from job losss to job growth and from myer tax-- higher taxes to high take home pay. i want to help the country do the same things, that's why i am running for president.
7:49 am
i know how to change the course the nation is on. how to get us to balanced budget, how to build jobs and rising take home pay. accomplishing real change is not just something i talk about it's what i have done. it is what i am going to do when i am president of the united states when your he-- with your. if you believe we can do better, if you believe america should be on a better course, if you are tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote for real change, and paul ryan and i, we are going to bring real change to america from day one. becau
7:50 am
look, i know when i am elected that the economy and american jobs are going to be stagnant. but i am not going to waste any of my time complain being my predecessor. i won't be spending my time trying to pass partisan legislation that is unrelated to jobs and economic growth. from day one i am going to go to work to help americans go back to work. you know people across the country they are responding to our five part plan to create jobs. you heard me talk about it. pa part one is about taking full advantage of our energy resources. on day one -- on day one i am going to act to increase the number of leases and permits to drill on federal lands and in federal waters.
7:51 am
i am going to act to speed the approval of the keystone pipeline from canada: . /* number two i am going to move to boost trade with latin america and designate china as a currency manipulator. number three, i am going to send to congress the retraining reform act to make sure every worker gets the skills they need for a good paying job. four i am going to move to tackle out of control spending. i will send congress the first of several fundamental reforms called the down payment on fiscal sanity act. you see, we are going to cut not just slow the rate of growth, but actually cut nonsecurity discretionary spending by 5
7:52 am
percent. i am not going to just take office on january 20th. i am going to take responsibility for the office as well. (crowd chanting) two-days when we go to work, two-days. number five, i am going to act to boost small business, all business. i want -- i am going to be issuing executive orders aimed straight tee economy holding the economy back. obama care.
7:53 am
the second i am going to launch a sweeping review of all of obama regulations with an eye to eliminating and repairing those that are killing jobs. for the first time in four years, every entrepreneur, every small business person, every jobs creator will know that the president of the united states likes them and loves jobs and higher wages that they bring: paul ryan and i will limit government instead of limiting the dreams of our fellow americans. our choice on tuesday will lead to two very good outcomes. the president is re-elected.
7:54 am
he will still be able to work with the people in congress. he has ignored them. he has attacked them. he has blamed them. remember the debt ceiling? that will come up again. there will be a threat of shut down and default as there has been before. that freezes the economy. keeps small businesses from hiring and investing. the president was right when he said he couldn't change washington from the outsiinside. only from the outside. we are going to give him a chance in two-days. (crowd chanting) a few more days. when i am elected i am going to work with republicans and democrats of congress. ly read regularly with their leaders endeavor to find good
7:55 am
men and women on both sides of the aisle who care more about the country than they do about politics. if the president is re-elected he will continue his war on coal and oil and gas. when i am elected we are going to change our course on energy to build jobs and help with prices at the pump. we are going to achieve north american independence see in 8 years. if the president were to be re-elected he would crush small business with his plan to raise taxes, force unions on them. to expand regulations and i am pose obama care. i care about small business. i see this as a means for people who fulfill their dream. last week i met with rhoda elliot. she has been running her family
7:56 am
restaurants for years. bill's barbecue in virginia. it is a business that has been in her family for 82 years. at the high point she employed 200 people. she just closed it down. she told me that regulations, taxes, obama care and the effects of the obama economy have put her out of business. she tiered up as she was telling me this story. this wasn't about money. this is about a future for her family and for family of employees. i p want to help the hundreds of thousands of dreerms like rhoda and -- dreamers like rhoda and i will.
7:57 am
... when i am leblthed president, i will be a voice of the children and their parents. there is no union or the pta.
7:58 am
>> the respect and good will go a long way and they're usually returned in kind.
7:59 am
that's how i will conduct myself as president. i will bring people together. i won't just represent one party, i will represent one nation. [cheering] >> throughout the campaign, using every argument he can think of, president obama has tried to convince thought last four years have been a success. and so his plan for the next four years is to take all the ideas from the first term, the stimulus, the borrowing, obamacare and all the rest and do them over again. he calls that plan forward. i call it forewarned. [cheering] the same course we are on and
8:00 am
the same course we have been on will not lead to a better destination. the same path means $20 trillion in debt. it means continued crippling unemployment t. means stagnant take-home pay. it means depressed home values and a devastated military. unless we change course, we may be looking at another recession. we are only two days away from a very different path from, a fresh start. two days away... from a new beginning. [cheering] >> my conviction... my conviction that better days ahead is not based on promises and hollow rhetoric, bow solid plans and proven results. and an unshakeable faith in the
8:01 am
american spirit. if there is anyone worried that the last four years are the best we can do, if there is anyone who fears that the american dream is fading away, if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs and better paychecks are think thises of the past, i have a clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america is going to come roaring back. [cheering] we are americans! we can do anything! the only thing that stands between us and some of the best years we have ever imagined is lack of leadership and that's why we have election, by the way, to choose who those leaders
8:02 am
will be. this tuesday is a moment to look into the future and imagine what we can do, to put the past four years mind us and start building a new future. you saw the differences between the president and i when twerp side by side in the debates. [cheering] [go, mitt, go! ]. >> he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he's offering excuses. i have a plan. i can't wait to get started, he's hoping we will settle. americans don't settle. we build! we aspire! we dream. we can do better. a better america, a stronger america is ahead! [cheering]
8:03 am
there is a betters life out there for us. our destiny is in the hands of the people who have been making up this election. and so, two more days, two more days and we can get to work, rebuilding our country, restoring our confidence and renewing our conviction, confidence that we are on a solid path to steady improvement. confidence that college grads, will find better jobs. confidence that single moms working two jobs will have a shot at a better job, on november 6, we are going to come together for a better future o. november 7, we'll get to work. we will reach across the street to that neighbor with the other
8:04 am
yard sign. and i will reach across the aisle to the people in the other party, people of good faith because this time demands bringing america together. you probably heard what the president said a couple of days ago. he said you can vote for revenge. [boos from crowd] >> for revenge. i am telling you, you should vote for love of country. [cheering] this is -- this is much more than our moment. it's america's moment of renewal
8:05 am
and purpose and optimism. we have journeyed despair wide in this great campaign for america's future. now we are almost home. one final push will get us there. we have known many long days and short nights and now we are close. the door to a brighter future is there, open, waiting for us. i need your vote, i need your work, i need your help. walk with me. we will walk together. let's begin anew! i need iowa! i need iowa so we can win the and take back america, keep it strong, make sure we always remain the hope of the earth! i am counting on you! will you get the job done?! thank you so very much! thank you! senator, thank you! >> martha: mitt romney urging voters in iowa to walk with me, saying he is anxious to get to
8:06 am
work on november 7 and he will not just take office, he will take responsibility. clearly a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd. you can just feel the pulse what have is unfolding here with 48 hours to go. and so much at stake. mitt romney in iowa, seven electoral votes there. >> when a contrast in the closing argument, governor mitt romney. and now we have the split screen with the president ginghis final arguments in concord, new hampshire. we take you there live, four electoral vote, new hampshire. >> and this is an unbelievable crowd. i am so grateful to all of you. i know some of you came here pretty early and it's getting a little cold. but folks from new hampshire are tough. [cheering] >> they are tough. now, for the past several days, obviously, all of us have been focused on one of the worst storms of our lifetimes.
8:07 am
and new hampshire knows about storms, but obviously, what we have seen happen in new jersey and new york and connecticut, just breaks our heart. we can only imagine what families are going through who have lost loved ones in the storm. our hearts and prayers go out to them. and i had a chance to visit new jersey. every day, i am on the phone with our fema directors, the governors, the mayors... and making sure that we are doing everything we can. i think i speak for the entire country when i say, we will not stop until those folks whose lives have been upended get their lives rebuilt. we will be with them every step of the way. i don't speak just as the president, i speak for every single american, we will help them rebuild. we will help them rebuild. that's what we do as americans. and that's the interesting thing is, despite the heartbreak, we
8:08 am
have also been inspired these past few days days and we have n our police officers, firefighter, ems folks, wading through water, helping their fellow citizens. we see neighbors helping neighbors, cope with tragedy. leaders of different parties working to fix what's broken, a spirit that says, no matter how bad a storm is, no matter how tough the times are, we are all in this together. we rise or fall as one nation and as one people. and that spirit, new hampshire, has guided this country along its improbable journey for more than 2 centuries. it's that spirit that carried us through the trials and tribulations of these last four years. in 2008, we were in the middle of two war and it is worst economic crisis since the great depression. today, our businesses have created nearly 5 1/2 million new
8:09 am
jobs. the american auto industry is back on top. home values are on the rise. we are less dependent on foreign oil than at any time in 20 years, because the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform, a lot of them from here in new hampshire. the war in iraq is over. the war in afghanistan is coming to a close. al qaeda is on the run. osama bin laden is dead. we have made real progress. we have made real progress these past four years, but, new hampshire, we are here because we know we have more work to do. as long as there is a single american who wants a job but can't find one, our work is not yet done. as long as there are families working harder and harder and falling behind, our work is not yet done. as long as there is a child anywhere in new hampshire,
8:10 am
anywhere in this country, whose languishing in poverty and barred from opportunity, our fight has to go on. our fight has to go on. our fight goes on because we know this nation can't succeed without a growing, thriving middle class. our fight -- >> these two men are criss-crossing the country quite literally. but the stops they are making are fascinating. we have been talk about this 11 battleground stits. the voters and the american who is live in those states have been bombarded by advertisements by both men on both sides. all of that is about to come to a screeching halt because we are only 48 hours away. there is one exception to the battleground states. mitt romney is going to a place that many did not think -- the subushes of philadelphia. we will analyze that decision, later this hour. but for now, here's martha. >> martha: chris wallace, good
8:11 am
morning, chris. good to see thusunday for a change. >> i was going to say, not for me, but for you. >> martha: we have been watching the speeches. mitt romney speaking in iowa. he's clearly fired up, as is the crowd. we went to listen to president obama to a crowd that was very responsive to him as well out there. it feels incredible right now when you watch this in the final hours, chris. clearly so close. what do you think about all of this right now? >> one of the thing, watching the two of them, you couldn't help but think what we put these guys through. they volunteer for it, they work hard and raise billions of dollars. but you know, they are bone tired and you just had to be impressed at their ability to get through the utter bone fatigue and both give coherent speeches and powerful speeches. the only thing i noticed was that the president's voice is raspy. but really, the two of them, just incredibly impressive.
8:12 am
you know they are working on almost no sleep and just adrenalin and in 48 hour, one of them will be the president for the next four years. >> reporter: it has to be adrenalin. that's the only thing that could keep them running. one of them will be a very happy man on wednesday morning and one will not. let's listen to your interview with the political director for the romney campaign and get your thoughts on this. >> saying that pennsylvania and michigan special minnesota are not past the 2 seivelt as mr. david axelrod will like to report. they are past the 300. this is a big scplkz governor romney is going on win it. >> you are predicting over 300 electoral votes? >> it is going to be a big win for governor romney. >> martha: your thoughts on that and your interview with david axelrod, which we will see coming up on "fox news sunday." >> here's the thing that is so interesting. i have been at this game a long
8:13 am
time. usually, you can tell by the numbers or by talking to the top aides on both sides. one of them will just betray a sense that they're whistling past president graveyard. you talk to the top advisers to the president and to romney, and they both believe that they are going to win. and it just depends on their model of how many republicans are going to show up, how many democrats are going to show up, in the key swing states and what the percentage of independents will be. but i think that david axelrod who, predicts an obama victory and rich beeson who predicts a big romney victory, i think they both believe that they are going to win. how can that be possible? they think a different group of voters who will vote in the key states in two days. >> martha: soon, we will be talking about who was right and who was wrong and what went into it. i look forward to every hour along the way. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> long island, new york, one of
8:14 am
the hardest-hilt areas you will find as far as sandy. we have a representative of the people who are going through this, live after a two-minute break. use of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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8:17 am
>> fox news alert. an update on what is happening for hundreds of thousands of people who remain without power on long island, new york, last night. 1.2 million in new york, over the night last night. 6 days since sandy pummeled the east coast, working on a week. folks in the close-knit town of long beach, coming to grps with the likes of a storm they have never seen in their lives. >> feels scary. the closest i have ever felt to my own mortality and my children. it was just devastating nights. >> it was. congressman peter king's district is long island, hardest hit by sandy. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. >> you sent us a few pictures, people taking the lives out of
8:18 am
their homes and tossing it on the curb side because it's no good anymore. what are you seeing? what do you find? what do you need? >> it's absolutely devastating. reminds you of the scenes after world war ii. solid middle-class community, devastated, torn apart. a house fash or five down is blown up, it's gone. people's life, their possessions in the street. walls are missing from their house. over 400,000 people are without power. brian and you i are without power. we can survive. but i am concerned about senior citizens, who don't dr. have physical health. young kids with bronchial condition, possible pneumonia. there is no date when the power will come back. gas lines running a half mile, mile long. it's a devastating situation. having said that, the spirit of the spiel is phenomenal. i have not heard one person
8:19 am
complaining. they want to fight back. they are very supportive of each other. but it is a real reminder of how vulnerable we are and also how it's important that everyone work together to try to get through this. no one's looking for sympathy, kitell you that. they want to stand together and to fight back. >> flying in from ohio late last night. you can see the power in manhattan and queens and brooklyn. but the southern edge of long island, toward the atlantic, the district that you represent, it was dark as night down there. and there were generator lights on about every 300 yards, you could see. there were police sirens on various street corners. i have to to tell you, it looked, on a cold chilly night in the northeast, a place where you just do not want to be. >> it was very cold last night. in fact, last night was the coldest night we have had and on
8:20 am
wednesday, there is a possible nor'easter. i was in long beach yesterday with secretary napolitano. and it was a minute or two before she realized, it was the street and not the beach. all the sand was overwhelming the city. guto other places like south masa piqua and lindenhurst. you can go to the door and everything's gone. it is a drastic situation. and even though, unlike katrina, where you could see the flooding. part of it is you can see the devastation of the homes, but you can't tell, unless you are flying over at night that there is almost a half million people without power. >> that part of the country is so densely populated. we brought you on because we don't want to forget the folks out there and make sure the word keeps going on. peter king, thank you.
8:21 am
we will touch base with you every day this week. >> thank you very much. >> peter king here. martha. >> martha: governor mitt romney and president obama in a final push through the battleground states. and the presidential race could come down to who wins ohio. live coverage from the buckeye state. >> and this gas shortage, making a bad situation even worse. these lines are not an exaggeration, they are everywhere special they stretch for miles. >> martha: find that this morning. >> drivers waiting for hours for a few gallons of gasoline to get move figure again. here's the governor of new york. >> there will be more of a supply of gasoline and there will be more of a distribution. and there is, as we are now speaking, today, you will see more distribution. that does not mean there will be a total alleviation of the problem in the immediate future. but it is getting better. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t,
8:22 am
can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to
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8:25 am
>> martha: here's a rhetorical question for you, how important is ojai snow really? it is as tight as it could be. 49.3, 46.5. that has gotten tighter over the last several weeks. president obama has a 2.8% lead in the real clear politics average of the polls out there. ohio has, of course, 18 electoral votes, if you don't know that by now, you have not been paying attention. more than a million have already voted in ohio, according to what we are learning. we go live to columbus. mike, what you can report from there? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ojaioans have been voting early and the returns show that president obama does have a lead here in ohio. the romney camp says they are not concerned, it is mauler than the lead over john mccain four
8:26 am
years ago, they believe republicans will show up in greater numbers on election day and close that gap. you have both sides going into the home stretch, energized and optimistic about ohio. the personal contact, the door-knocking, the micro-targeting of vote rez, unlike anything seen in a previous campaign. the goal, to get out the vote. make sure no one from your base stays home or fails to cast a ballot on election day. there is the effort to persuade the handful of undecided voters. >> we are looking for the independents, the folk who is don't understand the issues or are not up on the issues and we are going to knock on doors and give them literature and talk to them and find out where they stand and hopefully, bring them on board with americans for prosperity. >> bill: the hoards of volunteers come from the campaigns themselves, from political action committees and the democrats enjoy the support of the unions. martha? >> martha: mike, wow.
8:27 am
ohio is fascinating to watch. can't wait to find out what happened there. >> he spent the last two weeks in ohio. we have more from a man, arguably, who knows it as well as anyone. a travel wer john boehner, the rest of the interview will air tomorrow here. 24 hours from the moment america rotes. last hour, if you were with us, boehner thinks romney wins ohio. he thinks that based on history and what he has seen throughout the state. tomorrow, if president romney's in the white house, and house speaker john boehner is running the house, what's the relationship like? what is their history about? hear more on that and whether or not speaker boehner thinks they can control the majority in the house of representatives. that's tomorrow. >> martha: very interesting look. we will have more on that tmplt there are some new questions about a very big story we have followed very closely, the cia's response to the deadly terror
8:28 am
attack that took the lives of four americans in benghazi. they come as patience is running thin-- the new details, as we learn what they know on capitol hill aisle growing course of lawmakers demanding a new way to get some answers. we'll be right back. a winter wonderland doesn't just happen.
8:29 am
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8:32 am
>> martha: we have just two days of campaigning left. barack obama focusing on the ground game, trying to get out the vote, and governor romney is projecting momentum, as he expands deeper into pennsylvania. both campaigns of predicting victory on tuesday night. there. we have byron york and amy stoddard. good morning, all of you. >> good morning. >> martha: so, byron, i want to start with you. i want to ask you about the rally you were at and bill was there, as well, over the weekend. you wrote a really interesting piece about walking through the crowd, and talking to stewart stevens who is one of the architects, lead architect perhaps, of the romney campaign. what do you think is different for them now? there is a bigger picture and a voice that perhaps wasn't there a month or so ago? >> that's it. they are trying to close on a
8:33 am
really big note. when you listen to romney's speeches, and i bill and i were both at the rally -- they are trying to convey a larger vision like destiny and redismiewl a better life. he is trying to convey a sense that he, mitt romney, has a big vision for the future. they also think that's a major contrast with the president having said, just that morning on friday, voting is the best revenge. you know, they put out an ad hour its later, contrasting the two thing, romney's big vision and voting for love of country and obama's revenge, voting is the best revenge. they are trying to end on a big note and say that mitt romney has a real vision to make things better in the future. >> martha: interesting piece. i urge everybody to take a look at it. amy, a couple of months ago, we did many segments on the fact that mitt romney wasn't really connecting with the voters. we did a lot of looking at the favorability numbers. it seems like that has changed,
8:34 am
whether or not it will push him over the finish line who, knows at this point. but something seems to have changed in that dinamic. >> well, he has been, since the october 3 debate when his entire campaign changed and he became the new candidate, really, winning over skeptics and starting to surge with the independents in the poral polls. have you seen his likeability, which was significant, close and he has -- at parity with the pot likeability. winning independents in most polls, although there is one this morning say that this president has improved his numbers with the independents. but that is what mitt romney had to do in the final months. i do think that -- i think that, you know, if we look at the numbers, this is a tie race, very good chance that mitt romney is the challenger. and it tilts to him if a 48-48 scprais he win, i think in terms of his message that byron is noting, i do believe that waiting until friday or thursday
8:35 am
to talk about a grander vision nbigger terms and to to talk about meeting with the democratic leaders and legislators to bring them together is a message he could have started much earlier, to reach across to skeptics, among the independents, who are so disgusted with gridlock and worried about whether or not either man can govern. kiwin, but it was a good message and he should have used it -- >> martha: it's interesting, bob. if mitt romney does not win, we will clearly be having that discussion. did he connect sort of too late in the game? >> that's right. >> martha: talk to me about that and also about pennsylvania, when we mentioned in the intro, where he is spending quite a bit of time. >> chris wallace is right. both candidates do believe they are going to win. obama has a slight lead in the battleground states in the poll, but romney has more enthusiasm on his side. which voters show up? we will see. that's why romney is going to pennsylvania. he is likely to lose, but he
8:36 am
wants to attract the swing voters, the undecided, where he has an opt optimistic finish and voters respond to optimism. that's why i felt in iowa, that was one of his best speeches, using the change message against president obama and highlighted that revenge remark n. next two day, it could be decided, over the next two days because it's so close. >> martha: there are those who are predicting an over 300-point elect areal victory for mitt romney. i am saving all of those articles. we gallon through them and see who was right and who was wrong. thank you so much. great to see you. see you soon. >> bill: want to move to one of our third big story, the fallout from libya. senator john mccain is one of several calling for a new investigation of what happened in benghazi. meanwhile, fox news reports that security officials working in libya are challenging the cia
8:37 am
claim that its agents responded quick low on the ground. a retired four-star general and former vice chief of staff of the army and national security analyst, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> bill: let's talk about the special hearing and i want to touk touch on -- one of the questions that sticks out in my mind, general, something that rudy guiliani said every time he talks about this story. what he says is that the president has never been asked whether or not he was aware of the... the security in benghazi prior to the attack on september 11. was he aware of the reports and the incidents of terrorism in that area? then he said, the second question to be asked, what did he do about that? if have you answers on those two question, where would that take us, general? >> the fact of the matter is, it would be hard to imagine that the president and the entire national security team not being made aware that a u.s.
8:38 am
diplomatic post had been attacked. and also -- that's happened twice, prior to 9/11. and also, i believe that he would know that a united kingdom ambassador -- they tried to kill him and that forced the closing of that consulate. based on foes those facts aloarngs you would think that pipe would be asking themselves, tough question it's do we have appropriate security in benghazi, the answer on the surface is absolutely not. you close it or put the proper security. we did neither. thus, we have this horrific event on 9/11. >> bill: what do you think of those questions as to where they would lead us, in our understanding? >> bill, it hasan eerie ring of the watergate. what did you know? when did you know it? what did do you about it? these are the same questions asked today. i was in the white house during
8:39 am
watergate. it is inconceivable to me that the white house situation room, informed of these attacks in real time, that nobody gave that informs to the national security adviser. -- that should have gone to the national security advise are's desk within 5 minutes. he should have taken it to the president's desk within 20 minutes. it is inconceivable that the highest levels of the white house were not aware of the requests for additional security before the attack and were not aware of the request fist additional security during the attack and after the attack to secure the area. >> bill: general, you find all of this -- to use your words now, you call it absolutely appalling. we are two months down the road and don't have answers. what do you mean by that? >> well, listen, what should have taken place -- we have here a major defeat for the united states, a u.s. diplomatic post is destroyed, an ambassador and three others are killed, two are wounded.
8:40 am
cia clandestine base is evacuated. there has to be an accounting to the american people on what happened, why did it scmap at least some preliminary evidence of what we are doing about it, knowing there is going to be a loping-term investigation. and that should involve the president of the united states, a detailed briefing by the defense department, in terms of resources and what they did and a detailed briefing by the department of state. that should have been done weeks ago. we don't have the worries and we probably won't get answers until the investigative senate committees tart to do their work. >> bill: on that point, i know you think the bigger problem is not libya or benghazi, but the middle-east policy of the past several years. but to the general's point there, where would those investigations takes that folks like senator mccain and others are calling for? >> the subpoena, quite similar to the watergate hearings and you will have administration official pitted against administrative official.
8:41 am
you will have career officials from the cia and state department and the military come with their versions of events. everybody has to hire a lawyer. you have to hire a lawyer on your own nickel. you don't get the government. the lawyer tells you immediately, don't talk about anything or cut a deal. you start seeing an absolute paralysis at the highest level of government. when you are called in, you are asked, what do you on february 12 at 2:00 p.m., what were you doing and who were you talking to? you don't remember. so everybody clams up and there is paralysis at the highest levels of government and it takes all the oxygen out of the room. nobody focuses on anything other than the scandal or the coverup. >> there is pointing already in some circles? >> thank you, general. thank you, k.t. great to get your insight. >> martha: on this sunday morning, we do not want to forget about this story. there is a massive reliefert
8:42 am
underway to help the people of staten island and across this region. plummeting temperatures are expected to leave tens of thousands of people in freezing homes over the course of the coming days. are these people getting the help that they need? what can all of us do? >> as soon as it gets dark, there are only two things we worry about -- the cold and the looters.
8:43 am
this is hayden. he's five years old. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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this is hayden. he's five years that's elizabeth.
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and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. >> there are new and very real concerns for the millions of victims of super storm sandy. tomorrow marks one week since sandy barreled onshore. and still, massive power outages exist, gasoline shortages are choking the cities and all the surrounding areas, leaving a lot of people in need of the most basic supplies. and they are desperate for help, they don't want to be ignored or forgotten. a lot going on. listen to these people in the hard-hit area of staten ilan,
8:46 am
new york. listen. >> as soon as it gets dark, there are only two things we worry about -- the cold and the loot eshz. >> everybody's homeless. the whole neighborhood is homeless. >> put one foot in front of the other and keep on moving. tell get better. >> martha: it will get better. we have gail mcgovern, the president of the american red cross. thank you very much for being with us and for all that you are doing to help. what's the situation like right now? where are you able to help? and where are you having difficulty getting help? >> well, this has been a massive operation, martha. it is incredible. and on behalf of the entire american red cross, our hearts just go out to people who have lost everything, even loved ones. and it's just heartbreaking. we have mobilized about 300 emergency response vehicles that are riding around in the
8:47 am
affected area. there are about 16 of them there in staten island, going in and out of the affected areas, delivering meals, cleanup kits, comfort. there is a shelter stood up there in staten island, but i can tell you that the solid week since the storm hit landfall, there have been at least 10,000 people living in shelters because the affected area's the size of the continent of europe. so there have been 10,000 people plus in shelters and we have already, as of last night, served a half million meals and snacks. so we are hard at work, trying to get to every affected area to give much, much-needed help. >> martha: you hear the cries for help and so many people are so grateful, obviously. i mean, these are volunteers and you are fueled by donations across this country. i would encourage people to continue to bring in those
8:48 am
donations to help people. but there are places where they are saying, where's our help? what about us? staten ilan, the rockaway, queens, they want to know why the red cross is not there in some cases. what can you tell them? >> well, first of all, we are there now. but i have to say, it was difficult breaking through. and i understand their frustration because when the storm first hit, we weren't there. it broke our hearts. we were tied up with the same challenges that all new yorkers were facing -- shortages of fuel, gnarled-up traffic, fallen-down trees. but we are in those areas now. our volunteers have reported in that they're walking meals over fallen-down trees. it is very, very difficult. and when have you lost everything and you haven't seen help, it's frustrating, it's
8:49 am
frightening. it's heart breaking. but we are in those areas now. we are doing our absolute best to help every single person in need. i just eye wish i could click my fingers and put someone in front of every doortep that has been impacted by this storm. we have 5,000 volunteers in the affected area. and our volunteers are amazing. -- >> martha: they are. >> they leave their families. they pack up and they come from almost all 50 states. we have people who have come from everywhere to try to help. it's a big operation. >> martha: i would concerning -- i went on your webbate and made a donation. it was quick and easy to do on my phone. it is something you can do, if you can't carry cases of water down there. that'singthat's something you c. gail, thank you. we have to go. best of luck to you and your
8:50 am
work. >> thanks to you and to your donation. >> martha: it's the least can i do. >> bill: we have breaking news, where a judge has made a ruling on early voting. we will have that for you and what that might mean.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> bill: okay, fox news alert. an update on the legal fight over early voting in a critical battleground state in a critical county, often seen as the leading indicator for the state. 29 electoral votes in florida. we are learn that this state's democratic party file aid lawsuit to extend voting hours and the judge just ruled. this is in orlando and phil keating is there with more. what happened, phil? >> reporter: well, early voting was supposed to all
8:54 am
statewide, end 7:00 p.m. last night, that remains the case. however, a judge has ruled in favor of the state democrats and that is to extend by 4 hours this afternoon, early voting, specifically in the orange county suburb of winter park, at the public library, to make up for four hours that were lost after a couple of suspicious items were found that turned out not to be bombs. the democrats have another lawsuit they fail filed in federal court to get the early voting extension for the southern counties in the state, miami dade, broward and palm beach county, because of incredibly long lines and waits all day yesterday and the day before. people waiting to vote early yesterday, waiting in line, up to 6 hour, according to the florida democratic state chairman rod smith, quote, because of the governor's refusal to follow precedent and extend early voting hours in the
8:55 am
face of unprecedented early voter turnout, we are requesting in florida court that more floridians have a meaningful chance to early vote. the republican legislature, shortened early voting since the 2008 and the republican governor rick scott, refused repeated requests to extend early voting today or tomorrow because of the very long liance. >> bill: we were watching time-lapse video that showed really long lines. i guess that was hillsborough county in the tampa area. do you know how many floridians have already voted in what can we report on that? >> reporter: through friday, nearly 4 million floridians have already voted. another 500,000 or so are expected to be added to that. as of yesterday, once the numbers are final eyized. but early voting benefits democrats, registered democrats, 45-36%, but the mail-in
8:56 am
absentees benefit republicans by 4 points. but this is clearly why the democrats and republicans are fighting so hard on getting the early-voting extensions. >> >> thank you, talk later. >> martha: let's hope that line moves very quickly. we have 48 hours to go. hard it believe, right? we have brand-new poll numbers to show you, just in from the key battleground states. tows new numbers and the last-minute push to reach who is undecided? we'll be right back with more on america's newsroom on sunday. it a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth
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to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. >> martha: nice being here on sunday for a change, for america's election headquarters. we have a special, 8:00 tonight, eastern time with special appearances by yours truly, all underway at 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> bill: we have cameos. >> martha: can't get enough of it. >> bill: we have a brand-new

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